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Unlock code for JM - A Grammar of Biblical Hebrew, 2006 edition, by Paul JoŁon, S.J. and Takamitsu Muraoka. Copyright © Pontifical Biblical Institute Press, 2006, pp. xlvi + 772.

Now available in the newly-revised one-volume edition published in 2006, the JoŁon-Muraoka Grammar of Biblical Hebrew provides important orthography, phonetic, morphology, and syntax information for intermediate and advanced Hebrew students. Included are numerous indices, paradigms, a bibliography, and a history of Biblical Hebrew and Hebrew grammar. The BibleWorks edition includes hyperlinks and popups for Scripture passages and extensive hyperlinks between sections.

Already well known in its two-volume first edition, this is the most extensive revision yet of one of the most complete Hebrew Grammars available in English. That first edition of 1991 was, in its turn, based on the original work in French by Paul JoŁon published for the first time in 1923. This edition brings the work up to the present by taking account of developments in our understanding of the Hebrew language during the intervening years. As with the earlier edition students of the Old Testament, Hebrew, and Semitics who have a basic knowledge of Biblical Hebrew will find much useful insight and information here.
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This item is for BibleWorks 7 and is available
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