FBHG_s.jpg Beginning Biblical Hebrew (FBHG)
Unlock code for FBHG - Beginning Biblical Hebrew, 2nd printing, by Dr. Mark Futato, Copyright 2003 by Eisenbrauns.

Achieving the right balance of amount of information, style of presentation, and depth of instruction in first-year grammars is no easy task. But Mark Futato has produced a grammar that, after years of testing in a number of institutions, will please many, with its concise, clear, and well-thought-out presentation of Biblical Hebrew. Because the teaching of biblical languages is in decline in many seminaries and universities, Futato takes pains to measure the amount of information presented in each chapter in a way that makes the quantity digestible, without sacrificing information that is important to retain. The book includes exercises that are drawn largely from the Hebrew Bible itself.
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Familiarity with English and Hebrew grammatical terminology is not presumed. All essential terms are introduced throughout the grammar in clear, nontechnical language. Students will learn the morphology (forms) and syntax (uses) of Hebrew adjectives, conjunctions, nouns, numbers, prepositions, and verbs.

This is a user and teacher-friendly first year Hebrew grammar that is certain to become a seminary standard. It has a rich set of examples and exercises complete with a full answer key.

Requires BibleWorks 6 or later.

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