STEV_s.jpg Grammar of Palestinian Jewish Aramaic (STEV)
Unlock code for STEV - Grammar of Palestinian Jewish Aramaic, by William Barron Stevenson, 2nd Edition. Copyright Oxford University Press 1996.

THIS introduction to Palestinian Jewish Aramaic presupposes a general knowledge of Hebrew or of some other Semitic language, such as Syriac or Arabic. It is intended primarily to equip students for the reading of the Targums (OJ) and the Aramaic portions of the Palestinian Talmud and Midrashim (PTM), and to provide a help to the study of the Aramaic elements contained in the writings of the New Testament.

The Aramaic of the books of Ezra and Daniel is perhaps best learned after a study has been made of one of the dialects just named. Its forms and uses, therefore, are noted in a supplementary way throughout the grammar. At the same time those who choose to begin with Old Testament Aramaic (OTA) may do so with the help of the special paradigms at the end of the book and by concentrating chiefly on the notes marked OTA, which have been placed towards the close of most of the sections into which the grammar is divided.
(from the preface)

An important resource for New Testament and Talmudic studies giving a traditional introduction to the language.

Requires BibleWorks 7 or later.

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